Aptus BloomBoost 5L


Aptus BloomBoost is an additive used throughout the entirety of the fruiting and flowering periods of a plants lifespan. Bloomboost contains a blend of plant available elements including potassium, sulfur, and boron that work together to increase fruit/flower size, fibre mass and quality.


Product Code: B5564
Aptus has designed this product to provide these three elements in precise ammounts at the desired times during the plants reproductive cycles to maximise harvests. Potassium provided by BloomBoost works to form healthy, fibrous fruits and flowers. The underlying amount of slight but constant potassium is designed by Aptus based on Dr. Albreicht’s theories of mineral antagonism to give the benefit of potassium’s effects in the initial flower development. Sulfur is a crucial component in the formation of proteins, certain plant hormones, and aids in hte formation of certain oils and volatile compounds found in some plants. The supplemental Sulfur works to bring out the aromatic characteristics of your plants early to develop ever higher by harvest time. The last element in Bloomboost, boron works to preserve the integrity of various membranes within the plant allowing for increased structural integrity during flower development.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 33 cm