Aptus StartBoost 500ml


StartBoost along with Fasilitor is a foundational product of the Aptus premium collection. Aptus StartBoost consists two natural ingredients, humic acid and protein hydrolysate. This synergy of natural ingredients promotes increased transport of nutritional elements across plant cell membranes whilst reducing levels of toxic elements in the growing medium. StartBoost also provides organic nitrogen from L-amino acids of natural and initial growth. Startboost is also beneficial for the propagation and root development of seeds and cutting.

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Organic Nitrogen provided by L-amino acids promotes robust vegetative growth and photosynthesis without risk of burning or overdoes. A wide spectrum of natural L-amino acids provides beneficial stimuli to bacteria population number within the planting medium. Humic substances have a positive effect on plant phsiology by influencing nutrient uptake and root ststem interaction within the planting medium. Through interaction with various compounds in the soil, countless comp;esex are formed from organic and mineral componets. From the formation of these complexes, compinds may dissolve, mobilise, and transport products throughout the medium.It is these set of cpmplex soil health, structure and ultimately, benefit to the plant growing above.

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