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Aptus System-Clean is a stabilized formula of H2O2 that cleans irrigation lines, sprayers, feed rings and drippers, while helping to maintain substrate health and providing beneficial levels of dissolved oxygen. System-Clean can be added directly to your nutrient mix with no negative affects on microbial life (when used at 0.25ml per 1L).

When first mixed (at 0.25ml per 1L / 1:4000) System-Clean adds an additional 9ppm of dissolved oxygen to your nutrient or flush mix. Municipal water typically contains 6-8ppm of dissolved oxygen, bringing your total to 15-17ppm. This level of DO (dissolved oxygen) is beneficial for system and substrate health, plant health and increased metabolism. Organic material and biofilm consume oxygen reducing the DO available at the roots. Using System-Clean frequently helps to maintain and clean irrigation systems, reducing the amount of DO consumed along the way, delivering a higher level of oxygen to the root zone.

In general; DO levels of 4ppm or less are detrimental and potentially fatal. 5ppm or higher are considered acceptable. 8ppm is considered good, and 9-30ppm is beneficial.

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