Aqua One Water Heater Thermosafe 300W


Aqua One Water Heater Thermosafe 300W

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Aqua One ThermoSafe Aquarium Glass Heater 300W
Maintaining water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping fish happy and healthy, especially in tropical aquariums. Aqua One ThermoSafe heaters are made from high quality quartz which makes them durable and shatter resistant. The thermal cut out protection safeguards the heater from damage if accidentally exposed to water shortage.
Simple to use, with an easy to read temperature guide, Aqua One ThermoSafe heaters are the optimum choice for your fish!
Suitable for: Cold water, Tropical & Marine
High quality heater
Shatter resistant Quartz glass
Microchip controlled thermal cut-off
Fully submersible
Simple installation with suction clips provided
Large temperature range 20°C Р34°C
Easy to read temperature guide
Indicator light
2 Year Guarantee
CodeModelFor Aquariums up toLengthWattageCable lengthOperating Voltage
9412125W25 L24cm25W1.8m240V/50Hz
9412250W50 L24cm50W1.8m240V/50Hz
94123100W100 L30cm100W1.8m240V/50Hz
94124150W150 L30cm150W1.8m240V/50Hz
94125200W200 L40cm200W1.8m240V/50Hz
94126300W300 L40cm300W1.8m240V/50Hz

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