Blumat Support Sticks – 10 pack


Blumat Support Sticks – 10 pack

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Blumat Drip System Support Sticks – 10 pack
This is an excellent addition to the Distribution Dripper set. It contains 10 support sticks. Each one 10cm long and can hold either drippers or 8mm water tubing.
The Blumat Drip (Tropf) System does not have to be plugged in to the power supply, nor does it require a timer or computer. Each ceramic cone responds to the moisture content of the surrounding soil, only releasing the amount of water required by the particular plant at any given moment
The Blumat Drip system is a sensor and drip feed system, both at the same time.
The slow and measured release of water enables plants to receive water which has been allowed to stand for a while at a temperature which is in keeping with the enviroment. This ensures both profuse flowerage as well as healthy plant growth.
Conventional watering systems release water at intervals which are automatically scheduled via computer. What they do not take into consideration, is the amount of sunshine, the current moisture of the soil or the varying water requirements of individual plants.
Save yourself the bother of daily watering and unnecessary water consumption.
Statistics indicate that on average 100 litres of water are wasted over the summer months on watering flowerboxes on the balcony and 200 excess litres on watering hanging basket plants. 350 excess litres are used on tomatoes.
You will save your plants from the negative effects of incorrect watering and overwatering.
Blumat systems automatically control the watering process so you can go off on holiday in the safe knowledge that your plants will be watered Blumat systems.

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