Eco Oil Botanical Insecticide 500ml


Eco Oil Botanical Insecticide 500ml

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eco-oil is now HIPPO Enhanced!
HIPPO Enhanced eco-oil is a revolutionary approach to pest control and is the results of a 3 year research project with Charles Sturt University.
The project investigated the natural defense mechanisms of plants, in particular the way plants produce volatile organic compounds when being attacked by pests. These compounds act as SOS messages to beneficial insects letting them know that tasty snacks are on nearby plants! A whole range of beneficial insects are attracted including ladybeetles, lacewings, hoverflies and parasitoids.
The HIPPO Enhanced eco-oil formulation replicates this defence mechanism by including these organic compounds into spray. The research clearly showed that the HIPPO Enhanced eco-oil will attract beneficial insects into the garden. Pretty amazing hey?
So use HIPPO Enhanced eco-oil to kill those troublesome pests and at the same time it will attract beneficial insects to help get your garden ecosystem into better balance.
100% plant oils – contains no petroleum derivatives like the other oil sprays
Kills a broad range of common pest insects but remains safe for beneficial insects like bees, ladybirds and lacewings
HIPPO Enhanced to attract beneficial insects into your garden
Effective at low rates
Reduced risk of foliage burn
Perfect for organic pest control in the veggie patch
No withholding period
Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
Made in Australia using locally grown plant oils
GM Free

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