Ezclone Aeroponic Cloning Cutting System – 32


Ezclone Classic Cutting System – 32

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EzClone Cloners are an easy and effective way to maximize your cloning potential. Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System has been carefully thought out and designed to make cloning as simple as possible – just watch your strike rate improve. EzClone cloners come in 16, 32, 64 and 128 site cloners. Each size comes with alpha numeric symbols formed onto the plastic so you can keep track of different varieties of clones. It is leak-proof and lightproof, made from durable UV protected plastic. Once you have taken your cutting, you simply pop it in the EzClone Collar – and place your collar in the EzClone cloner. Your cuttings will have roots in a matter of days. They truly take the hassle out of cloning.

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