Hortivision Led 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + Uv


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Introducing Hortivision Led 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + Uv
SPEC-PERFECT UV+ offers an optimised spectrum for effective crop steering, allowing users to select colour output, UV intensity and optimal PPFD levels for heavy yields and high potency.
Built tough for rugged horticultural environments, the SPEC-PERFECT UV+ can be used in Urban Indoor grow rooms and tent setups.
Three separate light channels for grow, early bloom and late bloom deliver the best possible spectrum at the three most influential stages of a plants life.

Optimum Blue, UVA and Far-red diodes result in accelerated plant growth, increase flower site, flower density, higher yield & improved essential oils.

Total Output 680W1870 μmol/s

Total Output 780W: 1950 μmol/s

Efficiency: 2.6 μmol/j

CRI: 92.6

Dimensions: 1067 X 1105 X 54mm

LED Chips: Osram and Samsung LED chips

SmartScreen LED Controller compatible

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Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 116 × 106 × 12 cm