Kill-A-Mite 100ml Mite Treatment


NL Kill-A-Mite can be used as a foliar spray or can be used as a media drench to kill a variety of mites.

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To use as a drench
To kill scarid fly eggs and lavea in media use Kill-a-Mite at 5mL per 10L in the nutrient tank minus nutrient. Run for 2 hours, dump. Flush. Remake nutrient tank.
To use as a spray
For Spider mite use 2mL per Litre as a srapy.
Used as a foliate for the control of mites. KILL-AMITE is a concentrate and requires only 1 ml to a litre of water. 100ml bottle of KILL-A-MITE will make 100 litres of Mite Terminator spray. Best used twice with an initial spray then followed by a second spray seven days later to ensure any eggs hatched are killed also .
As spide mite avoid moist environment as a maintainance program.
Apply Foliar Canna Rhizotonic at 4ml per litre 1-2 times per day as a foliar spray to minimise colony from beginning of grow cycle to 2-3 weeks in flowering period then stop.
Rhizotonic wont leave a residue on the leaves, hence there is no leaf burn under lights.

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