Nutrifield Crystalic 20L


Nutrifield Crystalic 20L


Product Code: B3524
Crystalic is a potent blend of bio-stimulants including molasses, aloe vera, and amino acids to support the development of high-quality yields with intense aromas during flowering. Molasses and aloe vera provide a range of natural polysaccharides and phytochemicals to support beneficial microbes, which improve nutrient bio-availability and stimulate the production of oils and secondary metabolites.
Application of Crystalic helps maintain a healthy rhizosphere while inducing essential oil production to maximise flower oil yield and aroma.
Nutrifield¬Æ Crystalic¬Æ is a combination of rare earth minerals, amino acids, and fulvic acid that induces exceptional secondary metabolite production in plants. It is ideal for all flowering and / or fruiting plants and will give you dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavours, intensified floral fragrance, increased essential oil production, and will stimulate the plant’s immune system. It will also increase flower development and size by supplying the extra carbohydrates to
boost plant metabolic processes which accentuate growth.

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Dimensions 21 × 27 × 33 cm