Nutrifield Flavour Savior 5L


Nutrifield Flavour Savior 5L


Product Code: B3303
Flavor Savior is a certified organic-input, fish emulsion-based, all-purpose fertiliser, which contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids.
Fish emulsions are a complex mixture of biostimulants which enhance essential oil production and fruit flavour, and contain high levels of bioavailable nitrogen (N), which supports vigorous plant growth. Flavor Savior is Nutrifield premium foliar spray, to enhance flavour and yield.
Nutrifield® Flavor Savior® is derived from fish proteins, high analysis kelp, polysaccharides, liquid vermicast, humic and fulvic acids. The structural polysaccharides in Flavor Savior® have the ability to improve the cell structure of the plant, making it stronger and able to support more weight. Flavour is directly impacted by the various non-protein amino acids in Flavor Savior® which are precursors to the volatile flavour compounds. The enzymes stimulated by Flavor Savior® generate the reaction that creates flavour.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 30 cm