Ozi Magic Bud Swell 5L


Ozi Magic Bud Swell 5L

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Bud Swell is a diverse blend of soluble seaweed, beeswax extract, vitamins and plant extracts, combined with selected high quality mineral salts and blended with pure mountain spring water.
Bud Swell is a perfect plant booster for the organic grower, boosting the plants ability to promote the building blocks for maximum plant growth. Bud Swell is the latest formula upgrade from the Ozi Magic research team, combining high quality essential metabolites with soluble organic plant extract and pure mountain spring water. Bud Swell is perfect to use with organic mediums, coco fibre and organic soil blends.
It aids Catabolism, Optimises growth and is a high Organic plant food that helps maximise Crop Yields. Scientifically combined to enhance the natural plant growth and flowering cycle.
5mL to 1L water. Use during veg and start of flower cycle.

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