Phresh Intake Filter 200mm/8″ 750CFM


Removes 99.9% of bugs, moulds, pollen and dust
Use for intake filtering, scrubbing and low intensity exhaust filtering
Ultra light filters use advanced nano carbon felt technology
Patented pleating for massive surface area and high air flow
Maintains 90% of air flow
100% Recyclable / Made from 90% recycled materials
1 x Dacron Pre-Filter inlcuded

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RC-4/8 Virgin Activated Carbon is what makes Phresh Filters “The King of Fresh Air”. Its all about the carbon. To ensure total air filtration, there are several important factors to consider. The first and most important factor is carbon grade choice. Grade RC-48 carbon is derived from an ancient black coal deposit found only in Western Australia. The particular deposit is dated at over 250 million years old. After being extracted, the RC-48 carbon is kiln activated at 1200¬∞C in a saturated steam atmosphere. It is this process together with the coals unique density that causes the pores in the carbon to form. This activation process makes the RC-4/8 carbon incredibly effective for the filtration of organic particles and other airborne materials. Because we use the purest available “activated virgin” carbon and our granulated carbon has more surface area than pelletized carbon, we can use significantly less carbon, thus making our filters half the weight of competitive filters. Other key factors that have been incorporated into Phresh Filters are a perfect combination of granulate size, carbon surface area and carbon bed depth.
HGC701255 – Phresh Intake Filter 4 in x 6 in 140 CFM
Volume (cf):0.240
Dim Weight (in3/lb):2.988
Weight (lb):1.700
Length (in):6.900
Width (in):7.000
Height (in):8.600

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 31 cm