Pond One O2plus 8000 Air Pump 10 Outlet


One O2plus 8000 Air Pump 10 Outlet

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Pond One O2 Plus 8000 Air Pump
Oxygen equals Life. This is all the more true in a garden pond. A well aerated garden pond will feature less algae, healthier fish and clearer water. Good pond aeration helps filtration processes, improves the water quality, prevents the pond from becoming stagnant and helps fish to breathe, particularly in warmer weather when the dissolved Oxygen in the water is even less.
High volume, high pressure pond air pump
Enables connection of up to 10 air devices with the use of gang valve
High grade, long life silicone parts
Twin air filters supply clean air to the pond by removing dust and pollution
Aids in circulation of dead water spots
10m outdoor rated cable
Voltage: AC 220-240V / 50 Hz
What’s Included:
1x O2 Plus 8000 Air pump
10 outlet gang valve – [Uses Standard 4mm Aquarium Airline (Not included with air pump)] 1x Soft rubber elbow connector
2x Spring clamps
1x Instruction Manual
Aqua One Part Number – 93066
ModelAir Output (L/hr)Power Consumption (W)Maximum Pressure (MPa)Outlets
O2 Plus 40002100200.02410
O2 Plus 80004200470.03810
O2 Plus 120006600600.03210

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 25 × 32 cm