Potami 32mm Tub Outlet Barbed – 10 pack


Potami 32mm Tub Outlet Barbed – 10 pack

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Product Code: H0516x10
To install, drill a 32mm hole into the side or bottom of a tank.
Push one half of the outlet through the hole with the rubber washer to seal around the part of the container which will contain water.
Screw the nut on to the other side. It makes a perfect leak proof seal on a flat surface.
Tub Outlets are simple bulk heads. We also have stronger bulk heads called Threaded Tank Inlets. Each bulk head is useful in different circumstances:
Threaded Tank Inlets should be used when you need the strongest seal possible and when the connection is larger than 25mm.
Uniseals can be used with PVC piping.

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Dimensions 10 × 35 cm