Potami F12500 / 12500l/hr w/float


Potami F12500 / 12500l/hr w/float

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Product Code: K0724
Potami F12500 water pump
The built in float switch allows users to run the pump until a pre-determined level , while the manual mode provides continuous output
Specially-designed internals deliver dependable performance alongside an impresive max head height and depth
Durable – this high outputpump is engineered for demanding workloads , and will provide years of robust performance in both fresh and saltwater applications
low level bottom suction inlet means that this pump can effectively move water right down to 2mm from the bottom of the tank
Output12500 L/hr
Max head hieght8.5M
Max depth8M

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 cm