Prima Klima Analog Fan Contoller


Prima Klima Analog Fan Contoller – contoller 2 fans intake and out take

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Product Code: J1450
The Prima Klima Temperature Fan Control System makes it possible to controls fans automatically, depending on the temperature. If set temparature exceeds the actual value, both fans run up to maximum power, and cool down a room. If the temperature is bellow the set point, the fans regulate the temperature back to the set minimum value. A simple and smart device with high efficiency.
Humidity class: IP54
Temperature Control Range: 20°C Р30°C
Hysteresis: 2°C
Tolerance Sensor: 0,2°C
maximum 2x 300W at 220/230V 50Hz

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 20 cm