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Based on Oregon legends infamous “Coots Mix” it contains a fully balanced blend of organic minerals, trace elements, microbes and biologicals for optimum plant performance and the heaviest flower yields possible.

  • Designed for high yield Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse crops
  • Contains multiple types of aeration for high-frequency feeding without the risk of overwatering
  • Suitable for both “water only” growing or pair with our organic boosters for unrivalled results

How to use – applications

Fill your main pot with the correct volume of soil. The optimal amount of soil used will be determined by the length of the plant life cycle. Maintain even soil moisture levels (rather than wet-dry cycles) and increase watering volumes as the plants and soil dictate. Daily water volumes are usually between 3%-10% of the soil amount and are influenced by the environment, plant size and uptake. Use dechlorinated water whenever possible.

Total Cycle Grow & Bloom – (Soil/Pot)

  • 12-14 Weeks (4 veg + 8-9 Bloom) – 50L
  • 4-18 Weeks (8 veg +8-9 Bloom) – 100L
  • 18-24 Weeks (12 veg + 8-12 Bloom) – 150L +

The more soil the plant has the more minerals it can draw down on with better moisture retention.

Auto-Flowering plants are best suited to a 12-week program.

Bio Diesel Max Yield Organic Booster Feed Program

Ideal for high yield indoor and greenhouse production. Supports faster growth rates and increased yields under optimal climate conditions (perfect for intense horticultural lighting and co2 environments). This booster program enhances nutrient cycling and organic chelation with increased exudates and microbe signalling to supply higher volumes of the right nutrients fast!

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