Bubblegen Oxygenizer


Bubblegen Oxygenizer

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The BubbleGen V1.0 is a twin jet hydroponic bubble generator. With an integral silencer, it efficiently and quietly oxygenates and circulates a nutrient tank.
The BubbleGen completely replaces the need for additional circulation pumps, air pumps or air stones as atmospheric pressure is used to pull oxygen-rich air through the input port. This mixes with the nutrients passing through the body of the unit, ejecting a circulating stream of nutrient and bubbles.
This also lowers the chance of blockages and stops bacteria from being harboured, as can happen when using air stones.
The BubbleGen can be used within every growing style.
All you need is a tank and a single water pump that is rated between 1000 L/H to 4000 L/H.
You can also run multiple BubbleGens from one large pump with additional pipe and tee connectors.
please note that pumps, where selected with this purchase, are supplied and made Maxijet.
they are also available as single items in our online shop!
Features include:
Oxygenates the nutrient tank efficiently
Operates quietly
Removes the need for noisy air pumps, air stones and additional circulation pumps
Saves on costs and energy compared to air pumps, circulation pumps and air stones
Comes supplied with three suction cups to secure to bottom of tank
Simple installation with just two connecting tubes

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 13 × 28 cm