Grodan Tray 77 Rock Wool


To prepare an entire tray of Rockwool cubes, prepare 3-4L of solution with Root Nectar and set the pH to 5.5 in a larger tray, and put the Rockwool tray into the solution. Leave it to soak one hour in the solution, then remove and drain for 5 min, DON”T squeeze Rockwool cubes, then place cutting or seeds inside each Rockwool cube. The tray should then be placed inside a propagation unit and sprayed with the pH 6.0 water to maintain high humidity or a root accelerator as the Rockwool cubes dry out.

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Rockwool cubes can be used for raising seeds and growing cuttings.
Tray of 77 Rockwool Cubes
Tray can be cut to size with scissors
This tray provides good drainage for the rockwool
Each cube has a small indent for cuttings and seeds
These Grodan Rockwool cubes are ideal for raising seedlings and cuttings. Once roots start to emerge through the cubes you will need to plant them on into larger Grodan Transplanting Cubes or another media such as Expanded Clay pebbles, Coco or Potting Soil.
The hydroponic growing media of choice
Grodan Rockwool or stonewool is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibres and then compressed into cubes, blocks or slabs. Rockwool’s superb quality, fibre structure and pathogen-free content enables optimal root development for unrivaled growth and production. Grodan has the highest density on the market, which translates into the greatest structural integrity for increased and longer oxygen holding capabilities. Low density rockwool collapses with the weight from water and plants, squeezing out air pockets and decreasing oxygen retention. High density gives better insulation value – especially important during germination and rooting of cuttings. Higher density also improves the wicking and dispersion of moisture and nutrients, enticing roots into more areas of the medium, and therefore increasing nutrient fueled sites for premium plant production.

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