Hortitek GrowSaber 20w LED Ultra Dimmable 600mm


Hortitek GrowSaber Ultra Dimmable LED 20w 600mm – Daisy Chain them together

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Hortitek Growsaber Ultra Dimmable LED light hosts a range of features that enhance your growing enjoyment. Being a market leader in lighting concepts, Hortitek has again gone above and beyond with a remote controlled, dimmable LED light for all growing conditions. Great for Propogation with clones and seedlings, extra light for indoor house plants and additional side/under lighting for grow rooms beneath the canopy. With 12 adjustable colour settings and 12 Dimmable power settings, daisy chain capability and a durable aluminium housing that’s dust proof and water resistant, you can’t go past the Hortitek Growsaber Ultra for your complete growing experience.
Experienced gardeners know the importance of reliability, alongside benchmark-setting performance, inside the grow room. Hortitek lighting products are engineered to precise standards to provide high PAR output whilst delivering rock-solid safety.

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 87 × 5 × 9 cm