House & Garden Aqua Flakes Part A and B [2 x 1L]


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House & Garden Aqua Flakes is a base nutrient specifically formulated to improve growth in recirculated hydroponic systems. The two part nutrient works can be used with a variety of grow media including expanded clay pebbles, rockwool and coco. The liquid nutrient is designed to facilitate efficient and rapid transfer of nutrients from the root zone to the foliage, providing the plants with a balanced combination of nutrients for impressive growth and yields.

As all other quality nutrients from House & Garden, the Aqua Flakes are highly concentrated with the lowest dilution rates possible, giving you more nutrient solution per bottle. The formula consists of premium pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients to ensure a consistent quality.


House & Garden Nutrient Feed Schedules

House & Garden Classic Nutrient Feed Schedule – Download PDF
House & Garden Pro Nutrient Feed Schedule – Download PDF

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