Nutrifield Bud Burst 5L


Nutrifield Bud Burst 5L

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Bud Burst is a certified organic-input, nutrient supplement, containing kelp and naturally derived Triacontanol. Triacontanol is a plant biostimulant found in plant cuticle waxes and beeswax, which encourages the development of plants during the flowering cycle.
It is absorbed by the plant and stimulates the initiation of flower bud formation. This biostimulant activates plant flowering mechanisms to promote flowering yield and quality and increased flower number and size.
Nutrifield¬Æ Bud Burst¬Æ maximises yields and increases the vitality of plants. Natural plant growth optimisers promote rapid cell division and allow the plant to uptake larger amounts of nutrients for rapid floral development. The Potassium in Bud Burst¬Æ directly affects the production of chlorophyll while regulating stomata openings which in turn improves the plant’s ability to breathe. Potassium is also essential for the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants which lead to higher brix levels that will maximise yields.

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